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best exercise to lose belly fat in a week


Best way for lose belly fat in a week & side fats

When you hear about the way to lose belly and flank fat, you think of strict diets and harder exercises, except that there is a way to solve this problem.

We introduce you a slimming potion for melting belly and flank fat, which not only causes weight loss by consuming it for a week, but also gives people a feeling of lightness and energy….

In this article, you will learn all the ways to burn belly fat .

(lose weight without exercise) and (yoga for weight loss at home for female)

Raw material

5 organic plums

A spoonful of flaxseed

A spoonful of Salvia Hispanica

2 cups coconut milk or almond milk

recipes of traditional medicine to lose belly and flank fat

Chop the plums and mix all in the blender, now this is ready for weight loss.

no belly fat with this drink

How to use for lose your belly fat

Drink this potion in the morning as soon as you wake up

Do not eat anything for 30 to 60 minutes after that.

If you stop eating sweets and sugar with this diet, you will notice significant weight loss after 3 weeks.

Belly fat is significantly reduced and in addition it cleanses the stomach and intestines, but you must be patient and persistent in the treatment process.

The best time to use this slimming and burning belly fat is 8 am.

get custom diet

exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week

Belly fat is the most unhealthy, stubborn fat. that people with belly fat are at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers .

1. Burpee

Burpees belly fat

If you want to lose your belly fat, you need to work as many muscles as possible. The burpee which entails going from a push-up position to a jump and back to a push-up position – hits every muscle from head to toe.Do it 10 times for 30 second , so you can burn your belly fat faster than ever before.

How to do :

Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and come down to swim with your hands on the ground, bring your chest close to the ground, pull your hips back, then lift your hands off the ground and as your hands We are jumping over our heads.

2.Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Like burpees, Michaels is a fan of this moving plank exercise because it works your core, in addition to a slew of other body muscles.

example, do as many reps as you can for 20 seconds, rest for 10 and repeat for 4 minutes.

How to do:

We are positioned with our hands on the floor under our shoulders in a line from your head to your heels. Lift your right foot off the ground and bring the knee right foot close to the chest, then hit the ground with the right foot, return to the original position and do the same movement with the opposite foot.

3.Turkish Get-Up

How to do:

Lie on the floor with your hands on the dumbbell, place your free arm and leg at a 45-degree angle, place the palm of your hand on the floor, and pull up the dumbbell hand.

Straighten the elbow of the hand on the ground, stand on a leg at a 45-degree angle (as in Figure 3), place the knee free foot on the ground and behind him, raise the hand that is the dumbbell, raise your body. Straighten, lift your elbows off the ground, and take a deep breath as you hold your dumbbells.


4.Medicine Ball Burpees

Medicine Ball Burpees

How to do:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a ball with both hands, raise the ball, then tap the ball as hard as you can, bend your knees, and sit as you hold the ball. Pull your legs back and while your body is stretched and the ball is in your hand, approach the ball and get up, stand up and throw the ball up.




How to do : 

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat, sit with your hands on the floor, bring your legs back, lower your body to touch the floor, squat, and stand (if you can). You will want to burn more calories and have an upward jump in the last step).


6.Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams

Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams

How to do :

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a medicine ball, lift it over your head, pull it slightly to the side, and throw the ball to the ground with a lot of pressure, then squat and lift the ball off the ground. We have, we stand and we pull a little to the opposite side and we repeat the movement. At all stages, make sure that our body and back are straight.

7.Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

How to do :

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a ball and place it over your head, hit the ball hard with the ground, forward, bend your knees, grab the ball and repeat the movement.

8.Russian Twists

Russian Twists

How to do :

You can do russian twists with or without the medicine ball, bend your knees, lift them off the ground, hold the ball with both hands, sit away from your chest and rotate to a right angle of 45 degrees and then pause. Do for the other party.

9.BOSU Ball Planks

BOSU Ball Planks

How to do :

Rotate a BOSU ball to the back and toward the tire, hold it flat on the flat surface approximately 30 to 45 seconds from shoulder distance, and increase the reinforcement time.

10.Running On an Incline

Running On an Incline

How to do :

Tilt the treadmill and walk for 5 to 10 minutes or walk slowly and run slowly for another 5 to 10 minutes then increase your speed and start running.
You should run so fast that you can not speak. Take 5 minutes to run, then slow down to run slowly. Continue 5 to 10 minutes running slowly and running for 30 to 45 minutes.

11.Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

How to do :

Boat for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, even when you are resting, do not get up from the boat and do not release the handles, repeat this movement 8 times. Try to do more each time than before until the time. Reach for four minutes.




How to do :

Warm up for 10 minutes, then do different exercises for 30 seconds, including squats, dumbbells, etc. Rest for 30 seconds, do another 30 seconds with another exercise. Repeat 10 rounds. Do your favorite exercises and do various muscle exercises.

13.Strength Training

Strength Training

If you have done heavy weight lifting and are still looking to lose belly fat in a week, repeat your workout with heavier weights and reduced rest time.
When you work out with heavy weights, your body continues to burn calories, even after you have finished your workout and left the gym.
If you are new to strength training, this 15 minute full body workout is a great place to start.



One of the best ways to lose weight and gain belly fat is to reduce your daily stress. Because it lowers your body’s cortisol levels, it can control your belly fat. An hour of walking a day will reduce your weight by about 1 pound.



Yoga does not burn as many calories as mountaineering or weightlifting, but it can help your body build muscle and endurance, which is important for your metabolism.
Some of the top high calorie yoga poses include boards, chairs, chaturangs and wheels. You are new to yoga and you are not sure where to start? Learn more about the different types of yoga to help you find the best exercise that fits your training goals.

How to lose belly fat in a week at home

It must have occurred to you that you have a ceremony and you are looking to lose belly fat in a week. Everyone has been following these methods at least once in their life, even if they have a good body. Because the belly and hips are the first place in the body to get fat and on the other hand are among the most stubborn fats. Join us to explore a variety of practical methods to lose belly fat in a week.

How to measure belly circumference ?

Before discussing belly slimming solutions , we must first know on what basis we say our belly is big or not. Very easy. It is enough to measure your waist with one meter. Men with a waist circumference of more than 101 cm and women with a waist circumference of more than 89 cm have abdominal obesity.

best exercise to lose weight from stomach

What are the ways to lose belly fat in a week?

1- lose belly fat in a week with exercise

I have no doubt that when your belly come out and you realize that your body is deformed, the first thing you do is jump fast on the treadmill and bicycle or start lying down and sitting at the suggestion friends. But do not bother yourself too much. This is almost useless.

Of course, this is the first thing to say . The fact that exercise is not a great way to get fit, but the problem here is that lying down and sitting and cycling and all these exercises that you have heard the name for slimming and burning belly fat, strengthen most of the abdominal muscles rather than dehydration. Only when you can lose belly fat in a week, you can exercise with diet and have a healthy diet. The exercise I want to introduce to you strengthens your abdominal muscles:

1- Crunch exercise

Crunch exercise

  • The first exercise to tighten the belly muscles is the crunch exercise. To start:
  • Sit on the floor
  • Place your legs crosswise.
  • Take a light dumbbell and rotate from left to right in the same position with the dumbbell.
  • Do this exercise 3 days a week and 15 sets 15 times

2- Reverse bridge exercise

Reverse bridge exercise

  • Lie on your back and bend your left knee
  • Place the sole foot on the floor and raise the right foot
  • Straighten your left hand and pull upwards
  • Your right hand should be down and next to your body
  • Without moving your hips and shoulders, open the upper leg to the right and the upper arm to the left.
  • Do this 10 to 12 times
  • Now change direction

3- Kick back

Kick back exercise

  • Kneel on all fours to bring your toes down
  • Keep your back straight
  • Pull your abdomen in
  • Lift one of your knees and bring it to myopia
  • Now kick back with the same foot
  • Your hips should be fully contracted in this position
  • Repeat this exercise 8 times with each leg

4- Pilates exercise

Pilates exercise

  • Sleep on your back
  • Place your knees in a 90-degree position and raise your legs
  • Pull the belly inwards and hold the breath (tail movement)
  • Put your hands up and behind your head
  • Release your breath and put your hands forward
  • Straighten your legs so that your body is V-shaped
  • Do this 15 times

5- Squat body weight

Squat body weight

  • Spread your legs shoulder-width
  • Bend your knees and place your hands crosswise on your chest
  • Now go down to Squat and put your weight on your legs
  • Your knees should extend forward in front of your toes
  • Stay in this position for a while and then return to the first position
  • Do this exercise in 5 sets of 5

6-Boat exercise

Boat exercise

  • Sit down and put your feet on the floor
  • Bend your knees and place your hands under your knees
  • Lift your chest
  • Put your shoulders back
  • Engage the belly muscles and raise the legs so that they are parallel to the ground
  • Keep your body balanced with the bones of the seat
  • Now stretch your legs more (do not continue where you feel uncomfortable)
  • Pull your arms forward
  • Do this exercise 5 times, so that each movement takes 5 to 15 breaths

2- lose belly fat in a week with foods

Some foods (such as vegetables and fruits) are high in fiber and water, which allows you to stay full for a long time after eating them. Some foods (such as pepper, cinnamon, etc.) also have fat-burning properties. what does it mean? That is, they increase the speed of metabolism. Of course, their fat burning effect is not so high that you want to use them as the only way to lose weight.



Oat is one of the great foods to speed up your metabolism. If you eat oat for breakfast, you will have energy until lunch and you will not go for unhealthy foods.

2- Almond


Almonds are a source of protein and prevent hunger. In addition, it has healthy fats that full fast and help you lose weight

3- Lettuce


Lettuce is full of fiber and water, which consumes the stomach and makes you feel full. When you feel full, it is clear that you are less eat to junk food and unhealthy foods, as a result you will lose weight and your stomach will be smaller.

4- Beans


Beans are one of those foods that are high in fiber and protein and make you full for a long time.

5- Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar set fat burning enzymes and regulates blood sugar. Consuming apple cider vinegar will help you feel less hungry.

6- Cinnamon


Cinnamon has a warm nature and boosts metabolism. When your metabolism goes up, it is certain that you will lose weight. You can use cinnamon as a seasoning for flavoring foods.

7- Water


You may be wondering how water can make you thin. Water speeds up metabolism and detoxifies the body, thus reducing appetite. To increase water effect on belly fat and weight loss, do not forget these points:

  • Drink water 2 hours before meals. This will allow you to burn 75 fewer calories per meal. If you do this every day, you will burn 2700 fewer calories a year.
  • Drink flavored water. You can add a slice of lemon, mint or orange to the water to increase your desire for water and increase your metabolism.
  • Drink cold water. Cold water boosts metabolism. Because the body burns more calories to heat this water.

8- Changing drinks

  • Use water instead of fizzy drinks.
  • Use bitter coffee instead of sweetened coffee with cream and sugar.
  • Drink green tea. Green tea has an antioxidant that boosts the body’s metabolism and causes fat burning.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol raises your body’s estrogen levels and builds up fat in your belly.

9- Turmeric


Turmeric is a French wrench. From reducing inflammation in the body to speeding up fat metabolism and preventing heart disease, all of these properties of this yellow spice.

10- Protein


Protein, which is high in foods such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs, keeps you full more than fats and carbohydrates (sugars). Eating protein will make you hungry later. Protein intake boosts the body’s metabolism and helps balance blood sugar.

11- Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are excellent plant sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These delicious foods lower your body cholesterol and make you feel full.

12- Chocolate


Chocolate is a source of fiber. It is enough to eat a piece of chocolate so that you do not get hungry for a few hours and your appetite for salty and fatty foods decreases. In addition, dark chocolate boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss.

13- Baked apple chips

Baked apple chips

Baked apple chips means dried apple. This food is very easy to digest and purifies the blood and cleanses the stomach and intestines. Among the properties of this delicious fiber food are a variety of B vitamins, calcium, iron and..

Do you want how can you make baked apple chips?

6 Unauthorized foods to lose belly fat in a week

1- White bread

White bread

White bread is high in sugar, which after eating, blood sugar rises sharply and falls once. This sudden drop in blood sugar makes you hungry very quickly. Instead of white bread, it is better to use whole grain breads.

2- Industrial juices

Industrial juices

Natural juices have as much sugar as soft drinks. Just drink a glass to save 100 calories in your body. Eat fresh fruits instead of juice. It is true that they have sugar, but their sugar is natural and they also have fiber. Fiber causes fruits to be digested later.

3- French fries and fast foods

French fries and fast foods

Saturated fat is a type of fat that combines easily with oxygen and weakens the body’s function. Foods such as cream, oil, butter, tallow and palm kernel oil are sources of saturated fats.

5- Low fat dairy products

Low fat dairy products

You must be wondering how low fat dairy products cause weight gain. I have to tell you that in order to compensate for the better taste of these dairy products and their lost fat, the manufacturers add flavorings and sugar to them, which causes weight gain over time. Conversely, consuming high-fat dairy products, because they are a complete food, will make you feel fuller.

3- Lose belly fat in a week by changing wrong habits

1- Be careful what you eat to lose belly fat in a week.

There are a number of tips that if you pay attention to them, you can easily lose weight. Let’s get to these points :

  • Measure the amount of oil before pouring it into foods.
  • Eat your salad without sauce or with low-fat sauces.
  • Use a small plate when eating.
  • If you eat in a restaurant, take half of your food home.
  • Do not eat in front of the TV, because you are distracted and overeat.
  • Consider the volume of food. For example, a cup of grapes has 100 calories, but a cup of raisins has 480 calories. With this account, it is better to eat grapes instead of raisins.

2- Burn more calories to lose belly fat in a week.

  • To burn more calories, you can do these tricks every day:
  • When you’re out, park the car away from where you work so you have to walk a little further.
  • Use a bicycle instead of a car.
  • Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators.
  • Do not go to bed immediately after meals.
  • If you have office work, try to get up from Jatun every hour for walking or stretching.
  • If you do not like exercising, do your favorite activities instead. Exercise of any kind, whether walking in nature, dancing or playing with children, can increase your body’s calorie burning.

3- Suppress stress to lose belly fat in a week.

Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol, which, if not too much, is beneficial and necessary for the body. But when the stress goes away, the secretion of cortisol increases too much and disrupts eating habits. In these cases, your appetite goes up to sweet or salty foods. This craving for salty foods makes you go for unhealthy foods.

4- Get enough sleep to lose belly fat in a week

Insomnia raises stress-related hormones in the body and causes belly fat. In addition, it increases the hormone leptin (appetite control) in the body, which makes us go for unhealthy foods such as cakes, sweets, chips and etc.

5. Eat slowly to lose belly fat in 1 week.

Do not rush at all when eating. Receivers that send a satiety message to the brain are delayed by 20 minutes. This means that you should stop eating 20 minutes before you are full. Now we can understand why old people say that you should chew each bite 40 times.

6- Eat Indian style to lose belly fat in a week.

Do you think why indian people are so quickly? If you do not know we will tell you; This is because of the spicy foods they eat. Spicy foods boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat and calories.

3- losing belly fat with local slimming devices

There are many devices that are used to reduce the size and losing belly fat. But if we want to introduce the best and the least dangerous of them, we have to introduce Cavitation and RF. These two non-invasive methods, without pain and without the need for surgery, are approved by the US FDA, which treats sagging skin at the same time as losing belly fat. Cavitation and RF only affect fat cells and do not harm other organs in the body.

1- losing belly fat with Cavitation

Cavitation is a painless and safe method for losing belly fat. In this method, waves called ultrasound enter the body and form bubbles around fat cells. These bubbles cause fat cells to rupture and be excreted in the urine and sweat. Interestingly, the waves of this device only affect fat cells and do not harm other cells.

losing belly fat with cavitationis is one of the best methods of local slimming. Of course, you can use it as long as you are over 18 years old, you do not have a specific disease such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia or fatty liver, and you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not forget after each cavitationis session that:

  • Drink at least 2 liters water.
  • Do not eat caffeinated foods such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, Nescafe, chocolate for 48 hours.
  • Do not eat fatty or sweet foods for 24 hours.
  • Walk for at least half an hour.
  • Go to the sauna that day or take a hot shower.

2- losing belly fat with RF

RF is mostly a complementary method for coitus that tightens the skin after local slimming. Of course, it can also be used as a local slimming device, and the difference with coitus is that it uses radio frequency waves instead of ultrasound waves. This method is also safe and painless. Only the parts of the skin on which the device is stretched may become slightly red or swollen.

Of course, you can use this method as long as you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not weigh too much, do not have heart disease, cancer or blood clotting disorders.

  • Do not forget after each RF session that:
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight for 48 hours.
  • Immediately apply aloe vera gel on your skin to prevent redness.
  • Drink as much water as you can.

How do we know that our efforts to lose belly fat in 1 week have useful or not?

The best way to see how much effort you have put into losing belly fat is to measure your waist with a meter once a week at a specific time and under the same conditions. A scale is not a good measure of your success in losing belly fat. For example, if you are an athlete and eat a lot of protein. Your body builds more muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat, it is clear that the number on the scales also increases. To see if you really burn belly fat, use a tape measure and always start measuring from one point on your body. Straighten your waist and do not pull your belly inward. From the navel, measure the circumference of your belly.

In this article, we have reviewed all the solutions that can help you lose belly fat, which we hope will be useful for you. An interesting thing that was common to all losing belly fat methods was to have a healthy keto diet. Whichever way you choose to lose weight, you end up on a diet. So remember that exercise and a slimming machine can help you control the amount of food you eat. If you feel you can not make all these changes in yourself, start with very small things and gradually add them to your daily routine. If you did something wrong in this direction, do not think that everything is over and you have no choice. It is never too late for anything.

One of best ways for weight loss is keto diet

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