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GM Diet Plan for 7 days


The GM diet is a process for losing weight over a period of time.

This diet, like other weight loss diets: keto diet, has many advantages and disadvantages.

In this article ,we will get you free GM Diet plan for 7 days:

What is General motors diet?

This diet is suitable for summer, Because in Gm diet plan, a lot of fruits are consumed, which often has more variety fruits in summer. This diet is associated with high fruit consumption.

Listen to this podcasts to know what is Gm Diet?

Many sources say that General Motors diet was designed and implemented for General Motors employees. But it is better to know that this is not true and reason for naming this diet with this name is unclear.

General motors diet

Gm diet is divided to 7 day period, and each day has restrictive rules about food groups. For example, on second day in GM diet, you are only allowed to eat vegetables, and on fifth day, you can eat some tomatoes with plenty of meat.

What is GM diet

In GM diet, you will experience GM Diet Plan for 7 days for weight loss; However, this slimming will not last long but you can achieve your goal in this diet.

Gm diet is suitable for times when you need to lose weight fast: faster way to fat loss

or you are going to a ceremony and you want to have better fitness.

What are GM diet rules?

  • You should drink between 8 to 12 glasses water daily.
  • Exercise should not be done in first three days and is optional for other days.
  • Drinks containing sugar and carbonated foods are prohibited in gm diet.
  • Beans should be removed.
  • The special Gm diet soup should be used daily.

GM Diet Plan for 7 days

Gm diet is designed for 7 days. Adherence to daily menu during Gm diet is essential to lose weight. In following, we present the day-to-day Gm diet plan.
Just remember that in daily menu, you are also allowed to use two or three bowls GM diet soup.

Gm diet plan in this article is not a reason to follow diet; Because right diet is a diet that is custom for every one. But this diet is same for all. The wrong solution is follow one diet for all, which may have irreversible consequences.

Day 1Eat only fruits.
You can eat any fruit, but remove bananas from your menu. (Because bananas contain starch and may stop weight loss process)
There is no limit to fruit consumption, but try to use juicy fruits to lose more weight.
Day 2you are allowed to eat only vegetables.
All vegetables are allowed except potatoes. (Because potatoes contain starch and may stop weight loss process)
You can eat vegetables cooked and raw.
There are no restrictions for vegetables consumption. You can eat a variety of vegetables while you are full.
Day 3This day is sum of first and second days.
So you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want.
Of course, it is better to remove bananas and potatoes from your menu.
Day 4The fourth day is milk and banana day.
On this day, you can consume 5 to 6 bananas and 3 to 4 liters milk.
Day 5On this day, meat is added to your diet.
250 to 300 grams red or white meat (chicken, fish, etc.) can be used in two meals.
Increase your water intake to get rid more uric acid that you get from eating too much meat.
Vegetarians can use alternatives such as brown rice and low-fat dairy on this day.
Day 6The sixth day Gm diet is like fifth day.
For variety in your diet, you can use red meat on fifth day and white meat on sixth day.
Do not forget to consume more water. (Because by consuming protein, the body will need water for easier excretion)
Day 7The seventh day is a small amount rice and vegetables.
Low carb brown rice is a priority for Gm diet.
On seventh day, potatoes have no place in Gm menu.

GM Diet Plan for a week


Day 1Eat only fruits.
You can eat aAll fruits – except bananas
Recommended fruits are watermelon and muskmelon
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 2Large boiled potato
Cooked or uncooked vegetables of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 3All fruits – except bananas
Cooked or uncooked vegetables (except potatoes) of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 48 to 10 bananas
3 to 4 glasses of milk
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 56 tomatoes
One cup of brown rice
12 to 15 glasses of water
Day 6One cup of brown rice
Cooked or uncooked vegetables (except potatoes) of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 7One cup of brown rice
Any vegetables
All fruit juices

What research has been done on GM diet?

gm diet plan

Unfortunately, no research has been done on GM’s diet and there is no specific guarantee from nutritionists.

Of course, short-term or long-term some foods elimination is an unsuitable option for a variety of diets.

Research shows that people who eat a high-vegetable diet have more weight balance than those who eat less vegetables in their diet. Of course, in this study, vegetables are considered as low carbohydrate vegetables.

The GM Diet plan

What are side effects for GM Diet?

If some foods are omitted from a diet menu, it is normal to cause harm. As mentioned earlier, this article will also examine side effects diet, some of them are discussed below; read continue.

1. Lack of nutrients

Because GM diet consists mostly fruits and vegetables, this indicates that few nutrients reach to body during diet.

As a result, lethargy, weakness, and boredom, which are lack of nutrients signs in body, may become more in final days.

To alleviate these conditions, it is usually recommended to take multivitamin supplements and mineral tablets during diet to compensate for these deficiencies.

2. Feeling hungry during GM diet

Feeling hungry for a long time in Gm diet is one of side effects that affect a person.
In general, feeling hungery is one of common causes non-adherence to diet. Of course, these days are short, and it is possible that you break your diet.

3. Temporary weight loss and early return

As we told you, gm diet has a short shelf life.

Those who have used gm diet have said that after a short time, lost weight returns quickly. Such diets are called yo-yo diets.

A diet that has lost weight and will return after losing weight So do not expect too much from GM diet.

Temporary weight loss

4. No scientific basis

Most important thing in gm diet is that it has no scientific basis. So far, no research has been completed on whether gm diet has been able to have effective effects.
Therefore, a principled diet should be followed according to body conditions.

5. Muscle fuel in Gm diet

One of Gm diet effects is that they burn muscle tissue.

Because calories are reduced in gm diet, body will not be able to provide energy.

Hence, resources such as muscles will be used to supply body energy. For this reason, weight loss in gm diet can be considered dehydration and loss of muscle tissue. This is a serious problem for many people who want to build muscle and lose weight.

Can be trusted to gm diet?

The GM diet has a menu of fruits and vegetables. But there is no guaranteed weight loss. Gm diet is not a dangerous diet like Canadian diet because there are no restrictions for fruits and vegetables consumption per day.
Including its side effects:

  • Dizziness due to lack of nutrients
  • Dehydration
  • Physical weakness
  • Lethargy

But are Gm diet and similar diet worth trying?

In answer to this question, we must say that best thing to achieve ideal weight is consult with nutritionist and get advice from him/her.

GM diet causes people to lose motivation for losing weight. On the other hand, it will cause aging, sagging skin and face or even a hopelessness feeling from various diets and slimming strategies.

Does Gm diet have benefits?

This weight loss diet emphasizes healthy foods consumption. Hence it can be useful. But as a diet is not forever. fruits and vegetables consumption in gm diet can have following beneficial effects:

  • The amount of calories received in gm diet is very low and leads to weight loss.
  • A significant body amount will need vitamins.
  • Gm diet will help cleanse body and eliminate toxins, because a lot of water will reach body by
  • consuming fruits and vegetables.
  • It can be continued for one-week or even 5 day plan
  • Constipation will not occur during gm diet; Because fiber intake is high.
  • It is said that one of gm diet goals is to improve digestive system.
  • Gm diet claims to lose 7 kilos in 7 days (although this is only a claim and may be due to
  • dehydration or muscle fuel which is not a healthy method)


GM diet is a type of weight loss diet that has no scientific basis. But it can lead to weight loss. Gm diet often consumes healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, but alone is not enough to meet body’s needs.

Because no matter how short duration, no attention to maintaining muscles and providing nutrients body needs.

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