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Green tea is good for weight loss: Does green tea help you lose weight?


In Fitbodypack, we have described best tea for weight loss, and in this article we intend to describe in detail that green tea is good for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss; Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. This drink is rich in antioxidants and various plant compounds that are good for health. Some people claim that green tea increases fat burning and helps in weight loss.

green tea is good for weight loss

It is estimated that more than 80 billion cups of green tea are consumed in the United States each year, especially because they enjoy the taste so much, but did you know that green tea is good for weight loss? Green tea leaf seems to be useful for increasing caffeine levels every morning. There are many benefits for green tea, and enjoying a green tea diet or adding its extract to health and beauty products can affect your overall weight at the end of day. If you are eager to learn more about green tea benefits, read this article on Fitbodypack to see how green tea helps you lose weight.

use green tea for weight loss

What are health benefits of green tea?

Not only it flavor water, but green tea is also full of health benefits. Putting tea in boiling water causes to absorb its bioactive compounds. Green tea leaves contain anti-inflammatory and detoxifying compounds that help protect your body against free radicals threat; However, best green tea benefits are antioxidants (especially catechins). EGCG is most common catechin in green tea and is known to boost metabolism. However, does green tea help you lose weight? Let’s look at the facts.

Does green tea help you lose weight?

Recently, green tea has been widely regarded as a weight loss product. Green tea supplements sold for $ 140 million in 2015 and is second most popular beverage in the world, consumed only with water.

Because each cup of green tea contains almost no calories, green tea can boost your metabolism and increase your body’s ability to burn energy. Research has shown that green tea contains flavonoids that are responsible for increasing fat oxidation levels and improving insulin activity in your body.

green tea benefits

Reason for weight loss with green tea

Some studies show that replacing tea with high-calorie beverages can lead to one pound weight loss per week; In fact, because green tea is a natural diuretic, it is an ideal treatment for fluid retention problems and all kidney tissues inflammation. Therefore, some estimates suggest that regular green tea consumption can reduce body fat up to 19%.

Even the caffeine in green tea helps you to lose weight; Drinking green tea every day simplifies weight loss, because caffeine acts as a stimulant that improves exercise performance and burns fat during exercise.

Reason for weight loss with green tea

While each cup contains only a quarter caffeine in a cup of coffee, it still helps you to lose weight.

Drinking green tea may also help you to burn fat during exercise. One study found that people who drank green tea before exercise burned 17% more fat than people who did not, and other research shows that green tea specifically helps your body It burns more fat and you lose weight in long term.

Your weight is reduced with green tea, and also helps reduce belly fat; belly fat is most dangerous because it is strongly associated with inflammation, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases because green tea specifically reduces fat. This drink is useful, even if you do not have significant weight loss.

Green tea is good for weight loss; Helps burn fat

Green tea leaves have beneficial compounds like caffeine. A cup of green tea (24 to 40 mg) has less caffeine than a cup of coffee (100 to 200 mg), but same caffeine amount has little effect on fat burning. Numerous studies have shown that caffeine (a known stimulant) helps burn fat and improve athletic performance.

However, green tea is very popular due to its antioxidants. Research has shown that drinking a cup of green tea increases antioxidants amount in bloodstream. This healthy drink is rich in powerful antioxidants called catechins. One of the important antioxidants is epipalocatechin gallate (a substance that boosts metabolism).

green tea good for diet

Green tea is good for weight loss; Moves fat from fat cells

To burn fat, body first breaks it down into fat cells and then sends it into bloodstream. Animal studies have shown that active ingredient in green tea accelerates this process by enhancing fat-burning hormones effects, such as norepinephrine. The antioxidants in green tea control enzyme that breaks down hormone norepinephrine.

By controlling this enzyme, hormone norepinephrine amount in body increases, thus accelerating to melt fats. Eventually, fat cells break down more fat, transported into bloodstream and used for energy by cells such as muscle cells.

If you are also concerned about weight loss, we recommend that read following articles about weight loss and diet.


How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?


Green tea is good for weight loss; Increases fat burning during exercise

If you look at weight loss and fat burning supplements label, green tea is one of ingredients used in them. This is because of green tea extract is associated with body fat burning, especially during exercise.

One study found that people who received green tea extract before exercise burned 17 percent more fat than those who did not. The study results showed that green tea increases fat burning exercise effect.

Another study found that green tea catechins increase fat burning during exercise and rest. In addition, two other studies confirmed these results. Therefore, by consuming green tea in long term, you will see decrease in body fat.

Green tea lose weight without exercise

Green tea is good for weight loss; Increases metabolism speed

The body is always burning calories. Even when sleeping or resting, the body’s cells perform millions functions that require energy. Many studies claim that taking green tea extract supplements helps you burn more calories at rest.

In many studies, this value has increased by 3 to 4 percent, and some have shown increase metabolic rate up to 8 percent. For someone who burns 2,000 calories a day, 3 to 4 percent increase is equivalent to 60 to 80 more calories a day. Just like you would expect from a high protein diet.

The green tea effect on boosting metabolism continues for a long time. In another study 60 obese people, those who received green tea extract lost 3.3 kg more weight in 3 months, or 183 calories per day. It strengthens the body and green tea effect on fat burning depends on the body.

green tea good for diet

Green tea is good for weight loss; Reduces appetite

One benefits green tea for weight loss is appetite loss, means you can get fewer calories without effort. Research on green tea effects varies on appetite.

Some animal studies show that consuming green tea extract causes to absorb less fat from food, but this has not yet been proven in humans. In general, main green tea effect is calories amount you burn and leads to fats melting , but it is not yet clear that green tea consumption has a significant effect on calories received throughout the day.

Green tea is good for weight loss

Green tea is good for weight loss; loses belly fat

Green tea effect on weight loss is relatively moderate. Many studies have shown that people have lost weight, but some have shown no effect. Researchers conducted studies on these two groups and found that people lost an average 1.3 kilograms weight.

All fats are not same. Subcutaneous fat is just under the skin, but you may also have a lot of visceral fat, also called belly fat. Visceral fat is associated with inflammation and insulin resistance.

These two types of fats are closely related to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Several studies on green tea catechins have shown that not only is its effect on weight loss moderate, but large melted fat amounts are visceral and harmful fats. Therefore, green tea reduces chronic diseases risk.

Green tea lose weight without exercise

How to use green tea for weight loss

To get green tea benefits for weight loss, you need to know how to use it. The Maryland Medical Center recommends drinking 2 to 3 cups a day because each cup contains about 200 milligrams catechins. However, drinking green tea regularly is not as beneficial for weight loss as taking its supplements.

if we want to enjoy green tea, it is important how we brew, be careful not to overheat water, as boiling water can damage catechins. For best results, bring water to a boil, but leave for ten minutes before pouring tea. Then put it on tea, wait a minute to brew. Depending on your temperament, it can be longer or shorter.

Some types of green tea are better for weight loss than others; Matcha is very nutritious and when you drink this tea, not only you use them for your hydration, but you also get high nutrients.

How to use green tea for weight loss

Best way to use green tea to lose weight

Drinking green tea is just one way to use green tea in weight loss, in this section of Fitbodypack there are some suggestions to help add more green tea to your daily diet.

Green Tea and Avocado Smoothie

The combination of green tea and avocado makes a great combination of protein, essential fats and antioxidants. Just combine a tablespoon green tea, half an avocado, a banana and warm water (about half a cup). Put green tea in hot water for half an hour and put everything together in a blender to make your delicious smoothie.

Best way to use green tea to lose weight

Green tea with lemon and ginger

Green tea, lemon and ginger can also reduce body fat, and adding them to your daily cup can increase green tea natural benefits. Bring water to boil and turn off a few minutes before boiling. Pour green tea; Mix lemon juice and a grated ginger teaspoon and let it stay for 15 minutes and drink.

Green tea and cumin for weight loss

Cumin and green tea are not only effective in burning fat; It is also known to purify the body from many toxins. If a person drinks 3 to 5 cups of cumin and green tea every day, even in first week, the body begins to burn fat up to 35 to 43% more effectively. Cumin and green tea contain a lot of antioxidants, so sooner you start drinking it, lose your weight faster.

Green tea and cumin for weight loss

How to prepare green tea and cumin

Pour some green tea and a little cumin (for more flavor and effectiveness you can use fresh mint, a small ginger amount ) in boiling water and let it brew for 10 to 15 minutes. Then strain it and drink it with a teaspoon of honey if you wish.

Green tea lemonade

If you decide to lose weight fast, include this drink in your daily diet. To increase fat burning, you can also add red pepper to this drink. Consume this drink 1 or 2 glasses daily.


2 cups water
A green tea bag
2 to 3 teaspoons honey
1 lemon
1 centimeter cinnamon stick

How to prepare green tea lemonade

1. Pour 2 cups of water into a bowl and put it on heat.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

2. Gently grate washed lemon skin and add it to hot water.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

How to prepare green tea lemonade

3. Add a piece of cinnamon stick or some powder of this spice to the water.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

4. Close lid of container to boil ingredients together.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

5. Remove the pan from heat and place a green tea bag in warm water and let it rest for three to five minutes, then wait for mixture to cool.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

6. strain mixture through a strainer and pour into a cup.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

7. Pour lemon juice into the cup.

How to prepare green tea lemonade

8. Add two teaspoons organic honey to drink and stir gently to dissolve.

9. You can put green tea lemonade in refrigerator to cool or immediately add a few pieces of ice to it and drink it.

Best time to drink green tea for weight loss

It is important when green tea should be consumed, because in weight loss process, we must examine all its dimensions and plan to use green tea intelligently. In this section, we want to mention best time to use green tea for weight loss.

Drinking between 2 and 3 cups of green tea a day should be enough for weight loss supplement. Depending on caffeine amount and their normal metabolism, exact amount will vary from person to person. There are different types of green tea, but for weight loss, there is a significant difference between them. Green tea consumption is safe. However, caution should be exercised in some cases, because high doses caffeine can cause problems for people with heart problems or high blood pressure.

Green tea alone can not be a solution for weight loss. It is better to consume green tea with exercise to lose weight, but green tea alone will have a very small effect.

If you decide to lose weight with green tea, you should plan to consume it during day and avoid consuming green tea without a plan.

Best time to drink green tea for weight loss is 2 hours after meals. In this way you do not interfere with iron absorption; Because green tea, like black tea, reduces iron absorption in food.


Although green tea extract increases average metabolism speed in body, but its effect on weight loss is not great, means, do not expect weight loss without any effort and only by drinking green tea. So use green tea as an option along with other things you do to lose weight (such as increasing protein intake or limiting carbs). Of course, do not forget that green tea benefits go beyond weight loss, and this drink is also good for health.


FAQ green tea is good for weight loss

How many glasses should be drink per day for weight loss in teenagers?

Green tea alone can not make you lose weight. You should use daily exercise along with a proper diet.

Is green tea safe for me when I breastfeed?

Excess in anything is harmful even nutrients. It is better not to use too much and stop if you see a change.

Does green tea lose your weight?

Green tea alone can not lose your weight, but it helps burn fat.



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