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Keto Diet Plan PDF Free Download


Sample keto diet plan PDF Free Download for weight loss

Sample keto diet plan for weight loss

One point that many people like about keto diet plan is that it is optional to choose the foods that are included in a sample ketogenic diet plan. “One of the biggest benefits of a keto diet is that you no longer need to follow the calorie intake like other diets,” explains, author of the best-selling book Eat Dirt.

Since eating more fat and protein is on your keto diet , you will most likely feel satisfied and energized throughout the day. This naturally makes you less inclined to eat more food. “Of course, this does not mean that the pursuit of food in a sample ketogenic diet is not considered!”

“Some people may consider calories as a useful tool to have more control over the foods they eat ,But in a keto diet, this care is not necessary.” says Dr. Axe. Especially if your goal is not to lose weight and you are trying to have a healthier body, this model of not following the keto diet sample will help you more.

One of best ways for weight loss is keto diet

Free keto diet plan for 7 days

Free keto diet plan for 7 days

Here is a healthy 7-day diet plan to start your keto diet. You can change these foods and snacks to your liking, but you should be careful not to consume more than 50 grams carbohydrates per day.

week day / mealsBreakfastLunchDinnerSnack
MondayOmelette with mushrooms, broccoli, pepperAvocado egg salad with onions, spices, served with lettuce leaves.Chicken breast with cauliflower rice, Brussels sprout salad with spicesCheese slices with pepper

TuesdaySmoothie containing almond milk, walnut butter, spinach, chia seeds, protein powderShrimp avocado salad with tomatoes, feta cheese, lemon juice, olive oilGarlic butter steak with mushrooms, asparagusA boiled egg
Flax crackers with cheese
Wednesday2 eggs fried in butter, with avocado, blackberryGrilled salmon mixed with a leafy vegetables salad along with tomatoesChicken breast with cauliflower and green beansCheese slices and bell peppers
ThursdayChopped eggs with jalapeno, green onion, tomato mixed with sunflower seeds.Tuna salad with tomatoes, avocado and macadamia nutsMeat with ordinary vegetables with starchSome berries with nuts
FridayYogurt with granulo ketoLean beef burger with guacamole salad, tomatoesFried chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers, with homemade sata sauceEggs with vegetable muffins
SaturdayEgg muffins with cheddar cheese, spinach, dried tomatoesCauliflower soup with pieces of meat or soy cheeseVegetable shrimp with zucchini sauce and noodlesRoast turkey, cucumber, and fried cheese.
Celery and pepper stalks with guacamole
Sunday (low fiber)Chopped eggs with vegetables with pumpkin eggsChicken Mayonnaise Salad with Cucumber, Avocado, Tomato, Almond and OnionBeef stew prepared with mushrooms, onions, celery, herbs, brothSmoothie with almond milk, coconut butter, chia seeds and spinach, olives

keto diet plan pdf free download for 7 days

Keto diet plan sample for 14 days

If you are not new to starting a ketogenic diet plan, you can do this 14-day plan. We will first introduce you to a items list you need to prepare for this 14-day keto diet plan, and then a complete keto diet plan that you can move forward with.

The first is the standard keto diet plan, and the other is to modify the standard diet plan to meet your specific needs. The purpose of this diet plan is to provide general guidelines for people who are following a ketogenic diet plan for weight loss. Note that these foods can vary significantly depending on gender, weight, activity level, and specific nutritional needs. It is best to look for a registered diet for a keto diet plan sample that suits your specific dietary needs.

Keto diet plan pdf free download sample for 14 days

Keto diet plan sample for 14 days

Items to be prepared include: meat, eggs, salmon, bacon, chicken, sausage, green leafy vegetables, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, lemons, strawberries, cabbage, coconut oil, oil Avocados, butter, canola oil, cream cheeses, hard cheeses such as cheddar, sour cream, goat cheese, a variety of spices and mayonnaise, macadamia nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, pine nuts and more.

Keto diet plan sample for week 1

Day / MealsBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayBacon and eggs cooked in its fatGrilled beef, berry, arugula, pesto sauce, olive plateShrimp, tomatoes, avocado salad with olive oil
TuesdayFrittata with broccoliTurkey slices, almonds, avocados, cucumbers, blueberriesLamb skewers with vegetable butter
WednesdayChop the chopped eggs in butter with the tomatoes, corianderSalami, mayo, noodle cheese, radish, avocado, olive oilChicken salad on lettuce with tomatoes
ThursdayBoiled eggs with mayonnaiseChicken salad with vegetables and olive oilFried chicken, cabbage with mayonnaise
FridayEggplant fried in olive oil with eggSalami, roasted peppers, mixed green saladBrussels sprouts cooked with salmon and pesto sauce
SaturdayOmelette with two eggs, spinach and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil.Chicken salad, green leafy vegetables with tomatoes mixed by boiled olive oilDried salmon, a green salad mixed with avocado, olive oil
SundayTwo eggs fried in olive oil, 1/2 avocado with tomatoesBacon-lettuce, tomatoesChopped beef, homemade tomato sauce

Keto diet plan pdf free download sample for week 1

Keto diet plan sample for week 2

Day / MealsBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayBlackberries, strawberry smoothie with coconut milk, lemon juice2 boiled eggs, noodle cheese, avocado slices, cucumber, cottage cheeseServe the chicken kebab with cooked Parmesan cheese
TuesdayTwo eggs fried in olive oilTuna salad with mixed vegetables and a handful of raspberries, olive oilChicken fried in canola oil
WednesdayLow carb blueberry pancakes (eggs + cream cheese + butter + almond flour + oat fiber + lemon peel + baking powder + blueberries)Fried chicken and broccoli, two pieces of cheese, celery and cream sweetening sauceAsparagus, blueberries, bacon
ThursdayCook eggs with tomatoes and sausagesSmoked fish, a plate of avocadoAvocado Salad
FridayGreen smoothie (avocado oil + MCT oil + cucumber + spinach + parsley + hemp seed + turmeric + lemon)Chicken salad sandwich, macadamia nuts, blackberriesPumpkin lasagna (beef + mozzarella + parmesan + zucchini slices)
SaturdayHuevos rancheros (fried egg with tomato salsa, avocado and sour cream next to it)Pepper, cream cheese roll, celery slices, cherry tomatoes, almondsBeef in a creamy sauce, steamed pumpkin
SundayKeto Coconut Porridge (Coconut Flour + Egg + Coconut Oil + Coconut Cream Mixed in a Pot - Try This Recipe) and RaspberriesBacon, avocado, sweet French onion sandwich with almonds, blueberriesFried pork in a pan

Keto diet plan pdf free download sample for week 2

Keto diet plan for beginners

For beginners who want to know more about the keto diet, we suggest that you read the article: ketogenic diet. You can also experiment with the keto diet plan for a week mentioned above and then apply for custom keto diet.

video about a keto diet for beginners:

Free keto diet plan for women 14 days

keto diet plan pdf free download for women 14 days

Keto diet plan for women week 1

Day / MealsBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayHalf prepared with butter with a few lettuce leavesRoast chicken with yogurtHamburger with ketogenic bread
TuesdayBoiled eggs with coffee or teaTuna salad with cucumberPumpkin pasta with stir-fried meatballs
WednesdayCheese omelette with teaPumpkin pasta with stir-fried meatballsCauliflower Salad
ThursdaySmoothie (Almond Milk + Peanut Butter + Favorite Vegetables + Favorite Protein Powder)Chicken and mushroom dumplings with spinach and tomato saladLettuce salad with cheese and almonds (or walnuts)
FridayEgg saladChicken and mushroom dumplingsCauliflower and Cheese Grilled Steak
SaturdayPepper fried eggsPepper, cream cheese roll, celery slices, cherry tomatoes, almondsDiet Caesar Salad
SundayVegetable omeletteDiet Caesar SaladFried pork in a pan

Keto diet plan pdf free download for women week 1

Many foods are repeated on consecutive days of the keto diet. This choice is made with the aim of reducing the time required for cooking.

ketogenic foods

Keto diet plan for women week 2

Day / MealsBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayEgg saladPumpkin with minced meatCreamy cauliflower soup
TuesdayAlmond and strawberry milk smoothiePumpkin with minced meatFish burger with grilled cheese and vegetables
WednesdayBoiled eggs with vegetablesFish burger with grilled cheese and vegetablesMini pizza with cauliflower paste
ThursdayEat fried eggs with cheese and vegetablesChicken shawarma on lettuce leavesMini pizza with cauliflower paste
FridayTomato omeletteChicken shawarma on lettuce leavesGreek salad
SaturdayMilk and blackberry (or strawberry) smoothieGrilled salmon with spinach saladRoasted chicken
SundayFried eggs with zucchiniGrilled chicken with saladFried pork in a pan

Keto diet plan pdf free download for women week 2

ketogenic breakfast

Snacks selection in keto diet plan

In keto diet plan 14-days mentioned above, you can use two snacks every day in addition to the main meals. It is better to have one of the keto snacks in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Choosing a snack in this diet may seem difficult. Because the foods we usually eat for snacks are mostly high in carbohydrates. For example, chips, cakes and biscuits all have a lot of carbohydrates. Even fruits like bananas are forbidden in the keto diet.

You might say I’m not a snack person at all. But when you start a new slimming diet, such as the keto diet, you must have several keto foods with you at all times. Because you may suddenly be overwhelmed by hunger. You do not want to leave your diet because of hunger. Do not worry, there are many healthy and delicious foods like nuts that you can use as a snack. The following is a list that you can use to choose a ketogenic snack.

ketogenic snacks

The best options for ketogenic snacks

  • sunflower seed
  • Almond
  • Cheese mushrooms
  • Celery and bell peppers with avocado sauce (guacamole)
  • High-fat yogurt with walnuts
  • Diet smoothie
  • Boiled egg
  • Cheese, cucumber and walnuts
  • Berries
  • Pumpkin chips

If you have used the keto diet plan mentioned above for two weeks and during this time you feel its effect on your weight, you can easily continue the diet. You do not need to repeat the same diet plan. You can use a variety of foods with variations. Most meat dishes, dairy products, nuts and salads are suitable for the keto diet. So you have many choices. Try to choose a keto diet plan in a variety of can get your custom keto diet here.

Best keto diet plan for weight loss in the world

Except for the ones mentioned in the previous section, you should have a custom keto diet to start and go through the initial route to reduce potential risks. For example, many people ignorantly and unfamiliarly enter this diet and disrupt the function of all their kidneys because of the mistakes they make.

Ketogenic grilled chicken

In addition, people at risk for heart disease should avoid this diet, or consult their doctor before trying it. Many foods in the keto diet contain saturated fat. In addition, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are among those for whom a ketogenic diet plan is not recommended. People who are not in these groups can start this diet on a calculated basis.

If you do not know exactly where to start, you can get your custom keto diet here, which has been customized to suit your circumstances. Choose a great program to start this diet and choose Enter the world of health and wellness.

Important points about this diet

Ketogenic diet sample

While we mentioned these points on keto diet page, we also mention them here for more emphasis.

  • Reduce stress: Chronic stress severely impairs your body’s ability to enter the ketosis phase. This is because stress hormones raise your blood sugar levels and ultimately prevent you from burning fat for energy. If you are currently experiencing high levels of stress during this time of your life, starting a ketogenic diet plan is not a good idea. It is best to start this nutrition program when you can minimize stress.
  • Prioritize your sleep: Poor sleep increases stress hormones amount in your body. As explained above, this can prevent the body from functioning properly to burn fat. Maintaining a proper sleep schedule along with a keto diet sample will help improve your sleep quality.
  • Add more salt to your diet: We’ve always heard it said on TV and doctors that you should eat less salt, but remember that this is true of normal diets. You need more salt in a low-carb ketogenic diet. This is because a normal diet high in carbohydrates also raises insulin levels in the body. When insulin levels are high, the kidneys store more sodium, which can be problematic.
  • Exercise: Maintaining a regular exercise program, along with staying true to the keto diet plan for weight loss, increases your body’s ketone levels and helps you to be more active. To enter the ketosis phase, your body must get rid of any glucose in your body. Exercising your body burns a variety of energies, including carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. When you exercise more, your body will reduce more storing these items.
  • skip breakfast: If you are not hungry, you do not have to eat breakfast. You can just have a cup of tea or coffee with a little milk. It has been observed that most people have decreased appetite on a ketogenic diet. For this reason, they can easily skip a meal. This is especially true of breakfast. Skipping a meal speeds up the effectiveness of the keto diet and is effective for slimming and weight loss.
  • Make more food: Make as many as two meals and eat half as dinner. This way you only need to cook once a day.
  • Freeze leftovers: Most keto recipes can be frozen. So you can put leftovers in the freezer and heat them on other days. So you may not even have to cook every day.
  • You can eat repetitive foods: If you love fried eggs or grilled chicken, you can use your favorite food more than once during the diet. It is important that the food you choose is low in carbohydrates.
  • Eat simple foods without the need for cooking: Do you not have the patience to go to the kitchen and turn on the gas at all? No worries. In keto diet plan and similar diets, you can use foods that do not need to be cooked. Eat tuna. Chop the raw vegetables and serve with some mayonnaise or cream cheese. You can also pre-boil a few eggs and put them in the refrigerator. At dinner, eat one or two eggs with cheese and vegetables.

Who should not try keto diet plan?

The Keto diet is suitable for almost everyone and is safe. But there are three groups people who may experience rapid weight loss and sudden changes in blood sugar. Therefore, dieting is not recommended for these people:

  • People taking insulin or any diabetes medication.
  • People taking blood pressure medication.
  • Women who breastfeed.

*Pregnant women are also strongly advised to consult their doctor before get keto diet plan

Prohibited foods in the ketogenic diet

Prohibited foods in the ketogenic diet

In addition to the foods listed in your shopping list, along with the plan described in this article, there are some food items that should be left out altogether, which we introduced below. These foods include:

  • All breads (such as whole grains) and whole grains are starchy
  • All beans
  • Cakes and sweets, chocolates, candies
  • Ice cream, creams, condensed milk, soy milk, sweeteners, juices
  • Potatoes, onions, carrots and the like
  • Corn oil, margarine, vegetable oil

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The exercise effect along with diet

The exercise effect along with diet

As mentioned, one of the most important things staying true to a ketogenic diet plan is that you need to exercise regularly. When your body gets rid of glycogen storage, it looks for other forms of fuel to get the energy it needs (in a ketogenic diet) through ketosis and burning stored fat.

If you want to make a regular schedule for your workouts, make sure your workouts include hard workouts and easy low-intensity workouts. Like walking or jogging. This arrangement helps you to balance your blood sugar and allows the body to enter the ketosis phase without difficulty. You can adjust your light and heavy exercise program on a daily basis.

The bottom

It is true that the ketogenic diet plan for weight loss can seem a little difficult at first glance and by reading more about it, If you can stay to your diet for 21 days, you will not want to use another diet.

One of best ways for weight loss is keto diet

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