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keto diet results and reviews before and after 30 days + images


The keto diet is the only basic and appropriate diet that you can lose weight in a short time, lose weight without exercise and by eating delicious foods.
You will usually reach your ideal weight in the first few weeks of a ketogenic diet and up to a maximum of 12 weeks.
The following are the results, experiences, and before and after pictures of people who have used keto diet. You can also get your custom keto diet here.

One of best ways for weight loss is keto diet

keto diet success stories

keto diet success stories Kayla! Hear Kayla’s story of how she has had keto diet success stories! As a women on the keto diet, she has lots of tips and stories of how she has been successful.

Keto Diet results first week

keto diet results week1

How Much Weight Can You Expect to Lose After 1 Week on Keto?

The keto diet was first developed for epilepsy due to its low carbohydrate and fat , but later people used the keto diet to lose weight.
Some of the advantages of keto diet over other diets are:

  • Burning stored body fat
  • Maintain the body’s metabolism
  • Feel more full with fewer calories

But the question for many people is how much weight you can lose in the first week of a ketogenic diet.

We will answer this question below:

keto diet plan

The main source energy for the body is carbohydrates, which in a keto diet greatly reduces carbohydrates, and your body burns carbohydrates within a few days by storing carbohydrates, which is called glycogen.

After this, your body converts to a metabolic state called ketosis, in which it uses ketones, which break down from dietary fat or stored body fat, as the main source of fuel.

Most people experience significant weight loss after starting a ketogenic diet, which is mostly due to weight loss.

Glycogen stored in muscles and liver binds to water.
When you burn through these stored carbohydrates, this water is excreted through urine or sweat.
For this reason, from the time you start your ketogenic diet, you will urinate frequently and feel thirsty, and you will see a significant reduction in your weight due to water loss.
This weight loss varies depending on your size and weight in different people. When you start your keto diet with a regular diet and exercise program you expect to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. This weight loss may vary from 1 pound (0.5 kg) to 10 pounds up (5 kg or more) in the first week in different people. .

keto diet
The older you get, the less water you will lose after starting the keto. However, it is unlikely that most of this initial weight loss will be fat loss.
However, when it comes to ketosis, it is much easier to use your stored fat for energy, which is one of the reasons why the keto diet is so useful for weight loss.

Keto diet week 1 results – How much did i lose?!?

In this video, you will see how she lost weight in the first week with a keto diet.

Keto diet results first week

Keto diet results & reviews 1 week

In this video, she will tell you about her success in the keto diet and you will see the changes before and after keto diet.

Keto diet results week 1 + progress pics

Keto diet results 2 weeks

Someone who was able to lose 8 pounds in just two weeks on keto diet

keto diet results 2 weeks before and after

I was able to lose 8 pounds in just two weeks. Of course, this weight loss was mostly due to the weight loss of water. But I wear my clothes easily and I feel very good and my self-confidence has increased.
The day I started my keto diet, I forgot to take a picture and three days later I took a picture, but the change is obvious. I just had bloating there.
When it comes to keto diets, people say they hate fatty foods, but I enjoy eating. You do not eat healthy foods that you hate fatty foods.
For example, if you eat a fatty cheeseburger in a fast food restaurant cooked with unhealthy vegetable oil, it is unhealthy food.
but For lunch, I had a spinach salad with goat cheese and a french vinaigrette and some macadamia nuts. My meal had 48 grams of fat, 12 grams of protein, and about 3 grams of net carbs. It’s important to eat good, whole food on the Keto diet!!
Now I still work on a keto diet and exercise (read more about lose weight without exercise) most mornings to reach my ideal weight

Keto diet results week 2 before and after

Keto diet results week 2 + progress pics

In these videos, you watch keto diet results female 2 weeks

Weight loss 12 lbs on keto diet in 2 weeks

In this video, you will see a girl who was able to lose weight 12 lbs on a keto diet in 2 weeks.

Weight loss 17 lbs on keto diet in 2 weeks

In this video, you see a woman who was able to lose weight 17 lbs with a keto diet in 2 weeks.

Weight loss 20 lbs with keto diet in 2 weeks

2 weeks keto diet results | lose weight 10 pounds

Keto diet results 8 weeks

8-weeks keto diet review & exprience

Weight loss 19 pounds in 8 weeks

8 weeks keto diet results before & after

Keto transformation 8 weeks

Weight loss 40 pounds in 9 weeks

Benefits of a keto diet | losing 40 lbs in 8 weeks

How she lost 17 inches in 8 weeks with ketogenic diet

Keto diet results & review 12 weeks

Sharly Davis said:

As the title reads this is a short update on my keto journey. I started on July 6, just for fun, when texting with a friend about it. For years he had always raved about keto diet and how much he loved it. I never really gave it any attention back then. This time was different though. I decided to try it just because I knew I was obese and figured what’s the harm in giving it a try. Needless to say it was easily the best decision I made this year. In those short 4 months I’ve managed to go down 79.9lbs. My weight goal is to be around 180lbs and I’m so close to it. Originally it was to be under 200 by the end of 2020 and I’ve managed to shattered through that. I should be under 200lbs within the next 2 weeks, maybe less. The reason I’m making this post is to thank everyone who actively visits this subreddit! I don’t post much but I do come here to read others stories! It’s always been amazing to see how many people find success on keto and just how positive this community is. To anyone reading this, starting off, I hope my story can help motivate you into sticking with it! I’ve read some crazy success stories on here and they always kept me pushing. I’ll post again, once I hit my weight goal, and make a more in detail post about my daily routine and my overall experience on keto!

For carbs it’s entirely up to you on what your limit is. People have different preferences on it. When I first started off I would average roughly 18 to 20 net carbs. During that time I was losing weight very consistently. I’ve now cut that down by a lot. For the last 4 weeks or so I’ve averaged around 6 to 8 net carbs. I say start off with 20, at most, and see how it goes from there. Once you get a daily routine down try experimenting with it. The reason I say 20 is that most say under 30 will have you in ketosis consistently.



result keogenic diet


Here is my keto transformation: down 100 lbs! I’ve been overweight since high school and I just turned 21 yrs old. My goal was for before my 21st birthday I lose 100lbs. I’ve succeeded! I’m so happy keto has pushed me to eat healthier and be a better me. I am actually happy in my skin now.

result keto diet


When I started Keto, I was big and GROSS. I hit my lowest weight 6 months ago and I was skin and bones and GROSS. Since then, I’ve been trying different workouts and (still doing Keto) but not being so hard on myself. I’ve put on a little more weight, but I’m finally happy with the outcome! It’s a work in progress guys, but it just goes to show that the scale isnt always nice to you….dont beat yourself up trying to achieve a number….pay attention to those nonscalevictory moments! I promise….it will pay off! .

30 day keto results

On the left I was visiting my own mother in a nursing home and seeing her health rapidly deteriorating. It absolutely broke my heart, and yet it was also frustrating to see her just accept her fate and refuse to fight to make things better.
When my own daughter reached out to me and offered to help, it was like coming full circle. I was at a real cross roads. Do I follow in the footsteps of my mother, or do I try to break free of the cycle and create a different outcome for myself.

keto weight loss first week

No matter my size, I’m always going to rock a swimsuit and play in the pool with my kids! ☀️ I did it last summer when I was a size 16. And I’m doing it this summer when I’m a size 10. ⁠
I *promise* you, your kids don’t care about your cellulite (which I had then I and still have now). They just want to play with mom and have FUN!⁠ So get in that pool and make some memories, because these kids are getting bigger every day. No one can really see you once you’re in the water anyway 😉
Highest Weight: 255 lbs May 2017⁠
Starting Weight: 238 lbs September 2019⁠
Current Weight: 185 lbs June 2020⁠
Height: 5’9″⁠

keto transformation 1 month


On the left is my weight loss after 1 month of eating clean keto (Sept 2019). On the right is my weight loss after 4 months of eating clean keto (Jan 2020). ⁠
I’m so happy I stayed with it! For the first time in a long time, I put my health first. It’s amazing the difference just 4 months can make!⁠ Ended up losing another 9 pounds after this over another 3 months!

So many of you have been reaching out, saying you want to start your clean keto journey tomorrow. Love starting on a Monday after a holiday weekend! It feels so amazing to have enjoyed the fun, and then get right back on track.⁠

🤔Does anyone want this result for the next Summer?

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