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How to lose weight during Ramadan?


In Ramadan, some fat people fast because of losing weight. Sometimes these people succeed, but in many cases you see that they have failed after Ramadan and complain from overweight. Now the question is how to lose weight during Ramadan? Is there such a thing as a diet during Ramadan? Why do some people lose weight after Ramadan and others become obese? If you are looking for a way to lose weight during Ramadan, first you must know what are the causes of obesity during Ramadan and why do people gain weight after Ramadan? Join fitbodypack to find the answers to your questions.

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How to lose weight during Ramadan?

In following, we are going to share with you information about Ramadan diet and how to lose weight during Ramadan.

How to lose weight during Ramadan?

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Do not eat too much sugar

High sugar intake is a major obesity cause, diabetes and other health problems. When you eat sugary foods, your body secretes insulin. This hormone causes fat to be stored in your body. Insulin levels are determined by carbohydrates amount you take into your body. When you eat sugary foods, your body secretes more insulin and stores more fat.

That’s no problem if you eat these foods foods once in a while, but if your diet is sugary foods for a long time, insulin levels become out of balance and the body becomes insulin resistant. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to reconsider your iftar meal. Although there are many nutrients in dates, there are also many sugars So break your fast with only one date during iftar. Many people think that they are free to eat iftar because they have not eaten for long hours. So they get a lot of carbohydrates into their bodies and the body converts excess energy into fat by secreting insulin.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Minimize sugary drinks

You may ask, why do we have a separate case for drinking sugar? Didn’t we explain about sugar in first case? Yes, but you should know that excessive consumption sugar is one of main reasons for gaining weight during Ramadan, and using it in liquid form is very harmful for body.

Many people know that soft drinks and other carbonated drinks are harmful. One can of soda alone contains 38 grams sugar, which is even more than recommended daily amount. If you use a can of soda a day during Ramadan, you should completely forget about losing weight. Fortunately, such news no longer surprises anyone, but what most people do not know is that juice (even 100% natural fruit juice) has a lot of sugar in it. When we eat a whole fruit, the natural sugar in it combines with the fiber, but when we eat the juice, we actually inject the sugar directly into our body. Do not drink juice if you want to lose weight.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Eat less sugary foods

Many people eliminate sugar but still do not lose some weight. Bread, rice and other carbohydrates are converted to glucose in body. The liver secretes insulin when you eat such foods. For people who are resistant to insulin this process can cause problems in body.

If you eat bread, rice, cereals, etc., you are storing fat instead of burning it, because it raises insulin. If your goal is to lose weight, you should cut down simple carbohydrates and eat things like whole grain breads or brown rice that have a lot of fiber. Therefore, be careful about what you eat at breakfast and iftar, because food received amount in these meals is more than normal days.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; eat probiotics

Bacteria inside and outside body are more than all the cells in body. Trillions of bacteria in stomach help digest food. They also protect body against harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Some of best foods to have healthy gut are:

  • fresh vegetables
  • spices
  • teas (turmeric, basil, oregano, thyme, green tea, coffee)
  • Probiotic foods (yogurt, kefir, kimchi, kambucha, sour cabbage)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • vinegar apple
  • coconut oil

Start from Ramadan and use such foods instead of filling your stomach with harmful foods at dawn and iftar meals.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Do not neglect fats

Fat does not make you fat! Sugar is responsible for weight gain. Two of best fats are coconut oil and avocado. Use a full tablespoon of coconut oil for Iftar and dawn(this oil is also very good for gut microbiome). Eggs (yolks and whites) and meat (especially organic meat) are also good sources fat in nutrients. Seeds and nuts are also a good snack between dawn and iftar.

Fat burns slowly and helps you feel less hungry during long fasts. Butter is great and delicious. Eliminate all low-fat foods.

Eat Seeds and nuts

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Control stress

Stress causes the body to secrete hormone cortisol. This hormone stores energy in body, even when you have not expended much energy or have not burned many calories. As long as stress persists, the body continues to produce cortisol. We do not eat broccoli or cabbage when we are stressed. When the body is stressed, we crave sweet, salty, and high-fat foods because eating these foods causes the brain to produce chemicals. This calming effect becomes addictive.

So every time you feel stressed, you will crave fattening foods. The good news is that if you exercise on a daily basis, you will feel less stressed. During Ramadan, because you do not eat for a long time, your body may become stressed and overeat during iftar. Try to choose meals wisely so you do not get caught up in a fattening cycle.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Increase your mobility

Eighty percent of your body composition is what you eat, but 20 percent depends on your physical movement. If you do not move the body, it will start to weaken. During Ramadan, we have limited energy during the day, and it becomes difficult to go to the club and play sports. But adding some walking during the day and doing some strength exercises can be very helpful.

Instead of sitting for 23 hours, run on a treadmill for an hour and split exercise throughout day. Walk to work or walk some distance if you use bus and taxi. Walk while talking. Walk to the store or walk to your friend’s house for an iftar party. Engage in aerobic exercise throughout the day.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Make a food notebook

When you write down what you eat after iftar, you may be surprised to see what you eat. This Ramadan, prepare such a booklet for yourself so that you are aware what you are eating and can manage its amount. It is very important to get right amount calories every night. Based on your weight, first determine how much weight you need to lose, then start working.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Quench your thirst

The body can survive longer without food than without water. Try to drink enough water from iftar to dawn so that your body has enough water for the time you are fasting. After iftar, put a bottle of water next to you, set a goal for yourself and try to drink same amount water. Water supply helps you lose weight and you can fast more easily.

How to lose weight during Ramadan; Use these herbs and spices

Use spices

You can lose more weight by adding these herbs and spices to your Ramadan meals.
Turmeric: This spice is widely used by Indians in their food. Turmeric help reduce inflammation, inflammation is one of causes obesity.
Cinnamon: As much as you like, you can use cinnamon. Cinnamon helps control blood sugar and insulin.
Pepper powder: There is a substance in pepper that increase body’s ability to burn fat if used three times a day.

Ginger: Fresh or powdered ginger can reduce appetite and prevent overeating.
Black pepper: There is a substance in black pepper and gives it a spicy taste is called piperine. Piprine help body to burn more calories through exotherm. P-Perine also helps body use nutrients better.
Coriander: One of vegetables you can use to lose weight is coriander. Coriander increases metabolic function and can help you lose weight.
Cumin: Cumin, when combined with other spices, can affect your weight loss.


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