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Rebel Wilson weight loss


Rebel Wilson seems to be shedding more than just pounds in 2020 as she works her way through her “year of health.” The 40-year-old Bridesmaids comedian is angling to embrace a new image after rocketing to fame as “Fat Amy” in 2012’s Pitch Perfect.

on her instagram:

She shared a candid workout photo this past week where she added she’s just 6 pounds shy of her target weight.

When we looked at Google Trend, we found out that many people have a question about how Rabel Wilson lost weight, and many people are interested in losing weight this way.That’s why FitBodyPack decided to write an article on this topic and guide weight loss enthusiasts.

While nearly 4,000 followers have chimed in to cheer Rebel on, the actress certainly has earned her updated nickname with her commitment to a new fitness routine. Her most recent Instagram revelation gave followers insight into what an average workout has looked like for Rebel this year.

rebel wilson diet

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet

She shared that it was just 3 healthy habits that she included in her life to lose a dramatic 20 lbs. in a very short span of time; that is 6 weeks.

It may sound a bit strange, but Rebel Wilson started her weight loss journey by including the healthy habit of powering up while sitting on the coach.

Her friends advised that if you are setting up your weight loss lifestyle in a right way, you should turn your body into a fat burning machine even when you are just sitting on your couch.

The whole technique is to power up your metabolism and witness the magic of fast resting metabolic activities.

While losing weight, there are certain things you can do with your supplementation and exercise to practice this lifestyle hack.

To power-up her resting metabolism, Rebel Wilson performed 5 to 10  minutes of High Intensity exercises 4 times a week.

rebel wilson before and after

2). Count your fiber instead of Calories

One of the toughest parts of dieting is the battle against constant cravings and hunger pangs

The main thing Rebel Wilson do is to count the fiber content throughout the day and ensures that she gets in at least 35 grams of fiber daily.

The high fiber diet routine of Rebel consists of oatmeal, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and whole grains.

Another wonderful trick that Rebel practiced during her regimen is every time she feel sugar cravings or some bad hunger pang, she kills it up by taking a shot of organic apple cider vinegar and eats a stalk of celery.

3). Have Fats in Snack

Another big trick that Rebel Wilson introduced in her daily lifestyle is that instead of snacking on the food options with really high carbohydrates, she switched to snacking on healthy fats.

Rebel Wilson opted for healthy fats and lean protein during her snacking time, instead of her usual snacks like pretzels, chips, bagels, and bread.

rebel wilson weight loss

She usually took 1 or 2 of these snacks daily to accelerate her weight loss.

  • Zucchini chips dipped in garden vegetable hummus
  • Large handful of flavored almonds, brazil nuts , or cashews
  • Carrot and Cucumber Chips dipped in Fresh guacamole
  • Raw Almond Butter on Celery and Carrots
  • Chicken Breast topped with fresh guacamole and olive oil

These all weight loss hacks are not a one night stand, but in fact are daily lifestyle changes.

We all can notice the results easily with Rebels dramatic weight loss pictures.

How overweight are you?

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